Recently me and a colleague worked together on a project that required a lot of effort. After we had completed a big chunk of work, he came over to my desk to thank me. Not only did he tell me how glad he was about my contributions, he also handed me an envelop with my name on it.

After he had left, I opened it and found a handwritten letter. The letter contained only a couple of words, but they had a strong effect on me nevertheless. It were words of appreciation and I have to admit that I’d never felt as appreciated before. Obviously this was the first “thank you” letter I had received in my career.

That same day I showed the letter to my partner and even told some of my friends about it. I’m still proud of both my work and having received such a letter for it. It created a connection between me and my work that hadn’t existed until then.

After realising what a powerful tool such a letter is, I was surprised how uncommon they are. Well, to be honest, I had never written such a letter myself, even though I depend on the work of a bunch of great people every day.

I think that “thank you” letters should be as popular as they are powerful!

It’s an easy change to make. Just think about the people who’s work you depend on, who influenced you the most and who care for you. Pick one, grab a sheet of paper and write a short thank you letter. I promise that this letter will have a big impact!